Why ESMV’s Buildings can Positively Influence Your Child’s Education

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As the only private bilingual school in San Pedro Sula with buildings fully equipped with A/C from our classrooms to our hallways, we are providing the optimal environment for students and faculty. If you were not already aware, Escuela Bilingüe Santa María del Valle has completely air conditioned buildings. Each classroom, hallway, lunch room and office is equipped with A/C functionality. 

When designing our school, we did this for a very strategic reason. As proven in a Harvard study and numerous online articles, comfortable climates have the ability to increase a child’s learning capacity and ability. However, it doesn’t only affect the student’s learning. A consistent climate between 22-25 degrees Celsius is the optimal temperature for concentration and focus. Since our climate in all buildings are maintained closely to this range, our students are constantly at the optimal temperature. The Harvard study states that extreme heat can cause physical challenges, cognitive difficulties, and emotional issues. The drop in a student’s performance is significant with heat increases as well, stated that their achievement drops 1% worth of a year’s learning with each additional degree (Fahrenheit) that the temperature rises.

Many school’s around the world have invested in climate control to improve the overall environment and air quality for students and faculty. The cooler climate allows faculty to be more comfortable while performing their duties as well, which can lead to better outcomes and results for our students. As an education institution, it is ESMV’s duty to provide the best environment to our students so that they can grow in mind, body and soul.

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