Santa Maria del Valle is located in San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras, presently serving a community of over 750 students from early childhood through 12th grade. It was founded in 2009 with the mission of offering high quality education in mind, body and soul that prepares our students with skills essential for their success in the 21st century.


Our preschool program is for children between ages one through five. The curriculum is based on learning through play, focused on developing the skills required to succeed in the years ahead.

Elementary school includes grades First through Fifth. The main focus is developing math, reading and comprehension skills, and writing, concentrating on critical thinking and collaborative work along with the use of technology all across the curriculum.

Middle School has a dynamic environment, where students have a smooth transition from childhood to adolescence, providing a solid academic foundation in mind, body and soul.

The High School environment qualifies our students academically to achieve real-life goals by providing them with the opportunities to obtain life changing experiences in an innovative, entrepreneurial and high-tech environment.





Our academic program offers diverse opportunities for our students to grow academically in the different subject areas preparing them for pursuing a college degree at the University of their choice.
We apply a constructivist, project- based and competencies based curriculum developing XXI century skills all across, preparing our students to become transforming leaders, practicing our Catholic values instilled in them.

Estudiantes Escuela Santa Maria del Valle ESMV
Cuerpo Escuela Santa Maria del Valle ESMV


At Santa Maria del Valle we are focused on the development of the whole child. This is why sports is a vital program in our school. Co-curricular activities take place in the afternoon. Students, both girls and boys from kinder through twelfth participate in different sports. Among them we offer soccer, basketball, volleyball, track and field and tennis.
We participate in local, regional, national and international competitions.


We believe that we cannot grow as a whole if we do not nurture our spirit. The teaching and learning of the Catholic faith is one of our pillars. The Faith program is directed by the Claretian Sisters. The Students receive religion as part of the school curriculum, we attend weekly mass, retreats and we are appointed different missions by the church that take our students to nurture their souls and spirits, and also grow knowing that they can make a difference in their lives and the lives of so many people. The students at ESMV participate in community service to help our brothers and sisters in need.

Alma Escuela Santa Maria del Valle ESMV

And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.
Is 54,13

and Technological

21st Century Tools

3D Printing

Students work with 3D pens and 3D printers, applying geometric methods to solve design problems; using engineering design industry software applications.

Programming languages

Use of HTML, JavaScript, Python, help improve thinking logically. Using Robot NAO, they can physically observe how programming software is transferred into movement.


Students develop a basic background related skill in electronics by exploring the use of test instruments to verify and analyze electronic circuits.




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