The Accreditation of AdvancED is now Recognized as “Cognia”

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Landing page of the Cognia Webpage

As of recent, the accreditation “AdvancED” has moved to the accreditation titled “Cognia.” Cognia was developed to, “fill a crucial gap in education: the need to bridge school evaluations with student assessments in order to see a full picture and improve education in a more comprehensive and holistic way” (businesswire). The change came from a business merger in 2018 between AdvancED and Measured Progress – now known as Cognia. 

Cognia sent out this message to schools with the AdvancED accreditation,
“As you may know, AdvancED and Measured Progress merged in 2018. Our missions, values, and capabilities came together in a joined vision for the future: to open doors of opportunity as we influence and support educational improvement on a grand scale. Today we’re unveiling a new name and look to reflect this vision.

Our new name is Cognia. Adapted from the Latin word Cognitio, or knowledge, the name speaks to our belief that knowledge is key to reaching aspirations—no matter a person’s circumstances or background. And as educators, the more knowledge we all have, the more we can do for students.

Although our name is new, Cognia remains committed to assisting you on your improvement journey, continuing to serve you through accreditation, student assessments, STEM certification, consulting, diagnostic services.”

ESMV is happy to be a part of a growing community that cares deeply about the quality of education standards administered to students. We believe that this will strengthen the elite education program that ESMV already upholds.

To read more about the name change and improved qualities to the Cognia accreditations, follow this link.