ESMV Stays Strong

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As we have all heard, COVID-19 has spread across the globe and is causing much panic for individuals, families, businesses and communities alike. Many people are unsure of what the future holds for them, thus it is very critical for us to stay strong, calm and positive in this dire time. Escuela Bilingüe Santa María del Valle has taken precautions to keep our students, student families, staff and staff families safe during this time. ESMV has closed for the duration of March 16th – 26th to slow the spreading of the virus. However, this does not mean that classes will be discontinued. Grades from 3-12 will be receiving their core classes (Math, Science, English, Social Studies and Spanish) virtually via Zoom. 36 of our ESMV teachers transformed part of their syllabuses to be compatible to an online format. This ensures that students and their families will not contract COVID-19 from any type of school-transfer of germs. The students will be online for their classes from 7:30AM-12:15PM.

At this time, we advise all members of the community to distance themselves as much as possible, especially if you are showing any signs of symptoms. Distancing yourself from others and from places of congregation will greatly slow down the spread of the disease and allow our great country to recover faster.

May Jesus and Mary bless, protect and heal all of the families around the world who are suffering, and maintain a level of peace and strong faith.