In Santa Maria del Valle we are committed to forming people with high human and Christian values; fostering in our students their integral development through the constant strengthening of skills, competencies and capacities that allow them to achieve academic excellence, paradigm change, sports, technological and cultural skills, with the aim of integrating in society transforming leaders formed in mind body and soul.

Virgen ESMV, Escuela Santa Maria del Valle


Santa Maria del Valle is the educational option in Honduras, leader for excellence in Catholic and bilingual education. Transforming by 2025, in the model institution and national reference, in the design as implementation of cutting-edge educational models and programs; oriented to the development of competencies, attention to individual differences, educational inclusion as integral development of people in all areas of learning. Being recognized for its social impact, spiritual formation, human quality and professionalism of all its team.


  • Love of God above all things
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Respect to Diversity
  • Independence
  • Responsibility


August, 2009

ESMV began with an enrollment of 20 students, one homeroom teacher and one teacher assistant. Back then we were sharing a building with Discovery Corner, the early childhood center for students one through three year olds.

October, 2010

The first stone was laid for the construction of Santa Maria del Valle.

Primera piedra de esmv

January, 2011

The construction of Santa Maria del Valle began in Armenta with what is now the elementary building which was not ready in August to begin the school year therefore, a house was rented from August to December, 2011 to continue operations up to fifth grade.  Our staffing was of nine teachers, nine teacher assistants and four special teachers.Intermediate School building at ESMV

January, 2012

The building was ready so Santa Maria del Valle moved to the new  facilities, a state of the art building, with technology implemented in every classroom.  School enrollment was of 120 students.Computer Lab at Escuela Santa Maria del Valle

March, 2013

The construction of the preschool building, two tennis courts and two mini tennis courts began.

Four Tennis courts at Escuela Santa Maria del Valle.

March, 2015

The construction of the Mid-High building began.

May, 2015

Santa Maria del Valle was admitted into the Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras (ABSH).

November, 2017

Applied for international accreditation with AdvancED, receiving the first visit in February, 2018.

June, 2018

Graduated the first group of nine Seniors.  Seven are studying abroad in Universities of South America, Europe, United States and Mexico, two are studying in Universities in Honduras.

January, 2019

Final visit for International Accreditation with AdvancEd.

October, 2019

Started building a second outdoor gymnasium to expand sports teams potential for ESMV students.

ESMV starts building a second gymnasium to expand the potential for sports teams and physical fitness of students.

March, 2020

The rise of online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

August, 2021

Successfully adapting to a hybrid learning.


Santa Maria del Valle’s Student Profile

  • Masters the necessary skills and abilities that allow them to enrich their knowledge in new environments in order to participate creatively and responsibly in a constantly changing society.
  • Applies critical thinking to solve everyday problems.
  • Has the ability to use effective technological and idiomatic skills to perform in the globalized world.
  • Demonstrates attitudes of leadership, entrepreneurship and decision making in the execution of their life project.
  • Is aware and tolerant of the pluricultural reality of the world that surrounds them.
  • Possesses deep civic values that guide their personal and social life, as well as their participation and civic responsibility, feeling proud of their national identity.
  • Values health through practice and attitudes to improve one’s own and collective welfare.

Lives their conviction of Catholic faith and recognizes Jesus as Savior and Virgin Mary as Mother, intercessor and model of faith.