Middle ESMV

The Middle School academic curriculum continues its focus on the integration of content in the different subject areas and character education through the teaching of the values of the Catholic faith, which prepares students for High School and their collegiate years.

Middle school students strengthen their interaction with technology at a higher level by applying coding for problem solving using fourth generation robots and participating in international Robotics competitions.

At this school level, we are currently piloting an Advanced English program, which allows highly motivated and academically talented students to face new challenges and learn new skills enhancing their High School success.


ESMV offers the following co-curricular activities for this area


Participating in MUN is a great way for our students to eliminate hesitation of public speaking, improve their debating and negotiation skills, develop the ability of questioning and answering. They learn invaluable social networking skills, research efficiently, defend their position, and become charismatic speakers. It is a great opportunity to learn about current world issues, history, and to consider multiple perspectives.


Math Club

It is a student initiated and teacher supported academic group dedicated to serve the needs of all students interested in mathematics. Our club is also for training and practicing with our students for future competitions.


Team sports are an integral part of our school, so our program focuses on promoting teamwork and self-discipline. Students can enroll in any of the following: basketball, volleyball, football, and track and field. All categories are available for boys and girls.


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Club

Students engage in opportunities to start up their business ideas, breaking paradigms through innovative thinking.